How do I make a booking?

Contact us through any of our social platforms (Email, Instagram, Facebook). Be sure to include any details that will help us such as: 1. Preferred artists if any 2. Tattoo details (size measurements in cm, specific location on the body and an adequate description of its appearance) 3. Reference photos! Please attach any images that have inspired you 4. Preferred booking time and date 5. A budget you would like to work with (if applicable) Upon receipt of your request, a member of our team will contact you to discuss your design. Here we will ask for further details if required. Once the artist provides you with a quote or an estimated length of time the tattoo will take, a booking will be made depending on availability. A deposit payment will be required to secure your booking ($100 for smaller tattoos, $300 for larger tattoos), which comes off the total cost of the tattoo if you attend your appointment. At least 48hrs notice is required if you wish to reschedule to ensure your deposit is not forfeited. On the day, you will get to see your design and have an opportunity to make some minor changes. It's as simple as that and we look forward to seeing you!

Should I come in store to organise my tattoo?

While we would love your company, we prefer that all your tattoo enquiries be sent in writing to us. This is so we have your descriptions, inspirations and references in writing, which makes it easy for us to recall your design at a later stage when your appointment date arrives. We understand, however, that in-person discussions can often be very helpful with complex designs and we would be more than happy to organise a consultation appointment for you.

Do you take walk-ins?

Of course! We do advise you call our store prior to visiting to ensure someone is available to take your request.

Do you quote by piece or charge hourly?

This is artist dependant. Quotes are generated by our artists and they may choose to give a fixed quote prior to the tattoo, or charge an hourly fee. Feel free to ask our artists on their preferences.

What is the store's minimum price?

Our store minimum is $120. Our prices start there and go up depending on the tattoo.

Can I book with an artist for the entire day?

Yes! Full day bookings are useful particularly for very large pieces of work where quoting by piece can be inaccurate and misrepresentative of the actual time it may take. Contact us for our full day booking rates as they vary depending on the artist. As a general rule of thumb, rates start from $1,200 per day.

What payment types do you offer.

Currently we only accept cash and bank transfer. We will make every effort to increase our payment options in the future when required.